Mining Electrotechnics & Automation Department
named after R.M. Leybov

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State Institution of Higher Education
"Donetsk National Technical University"
Faculty of computer information technologies and automation
Mining Electrotechnics & Automation Department named after R.M. Leybov


Marenich Konstantin Staff of the Mining Electrotechnics & Automation Department named after R.M. Leybov congratulates Head of Department Marenich Konstantin with a successful defense of the thesis for the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences "Development of the theory and principles of structural formation of the protective de-energization devices of modern mine electrotechnical complexes", which was held on April 22, 2014 at a meeting of the specialized academic council D11.052.02 in Donetsk National Technical University.

        Since 1934 the specialists in electrification and automation of mining is trained on the department.

        Since 1994 the department trains:

            - Bachelors (the first cycle of higher education) in 15.03.04 Automation of technological processes and manufactures;

            - Masters (the second cycle of higher education) in 15.04.04 Automation of technological processes and manufactures;

            - Specialists (the second cycle of higher education) in 21.05.04 "Mining"; Specialty 10: Electrification and automation of mining".

        Since 1993 a branch of the department in Donetsk college of industrial automation operates. Since 2000 accelerated training of college graduates started.

        Since 1999 the MEA department headed by Professor - Marenich Konstantin

        Personnel of the department as of 2014: 25 employees, including 2 professors, 11 associate professors.

        The department includes a computer lab and 5 specialized teaching and research laboratories:

  • "Mining Electrical Engineering";
  • "Mining Automation";
  • "Information and measuring equipment and metrology";
  • "Mine automated electric drive";
  • "Automated process control systems".

        The postgraduate students are prepared in the field of:

  • 05.09.03 "Electrical equipment and systems";
  • 05.13.07 "Automation of technological processes".
  • 05.09.01 "Electrical machines and apparatus".

        As for 2014, the department prepared 65 candidate of technical sciences, 2 doctors of technical sciences

        Since 2000 a training center for the study process automation devices manufacturing by "KLASCHKA Elektronik & Automation" (Germany) operates on the department base. In the educational process the new technics manufacturing by "Allen Bradley" (USA), METRAN (Russia-Ukraine), Danfoss (Denmark), Elemer (Russia-Ukraine) are widely used. The presentations and seminars of new techniques and technologies are held.

        Created by the students of MEA department laboratory stands are annually displayed at international exhibitions on energy saving.

        Since 2001 yearly the MEA department organizes and conducts international scientific and technical conference for students and postgraduate students "Automation of technological objects and processes. Search young".

        Allocation bases for graduates of MEA department are: institutes "Dongiprouglemash", UkrNIIVE, "Avtomatgormash them V.Antipov" , "MacNII" ; "Donbassugleavtomatika", "Ugleizotop", "Donetsk Metallurgical Plant", mines of Donetsk region; "Kharkov machine-building plant "Miner Light", machine-building plants, energy companies, ets.

        The graduates of MEA department defences graduation thesis at industrial enterprises.

        MEA department supports creative collaboration with related departments of Zaporozhye, Vinnitsa and Sevastopol National Technical Universities, Azov, South Russian (Novocherkassk, Russia), Ukhta (Komi Republic, Russia ), Don (Rostov-on -Don, Russia ) State Technical University, the National mining University of Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk), Zhytomyr engineering institutes of technology.

        Mining Electrotechnics & Automation Department named after R.M. Leybov represents the Donetsk National Technical University in International Association of Business Cooperation "Interelectromash " (Moscow, section "Automatic Electric Drive").

        Since 2004 the MEA department is the base of section "Automation and Electrical Engineering in Mining" of International Youth Scientific Conference "Severgeoecotech" (organizer - Ukhta State Technical University, Russia).

Outstanding scientific achievements of the MEA department named after R.M. Leybov

        For the first time in the USSR, Professor R.M. Leybov created the theory of protection against electrical current leakage in mine power networks on which the unit was designed for protection against electrocution - RUV (1949). Research of R.M. Leybov formed a scientific field, that is evolving now.

        First in the coal industry developed and implemented control system "Hydrotechnologies" (Prof. V.I. Gryba).

        The first explosion-proof serial thyristor unit APM-1 was developed for control launch and braking asynchronous electric mining machine (Associate Professor, Ph.D. I.T. Sidorenko, K.N. Marenich, jointly with the Institute "Avtomatgormash").

        The thyristor loading devices for pre-operational testing of drive units for scraper conveyors capacity from 55 kW to 400 kW were developed and set in operation at Kharkiv Machine Building Plant "Miner Light".

        Among the developments in recent years - microprocessor control systems sets for control conveyor speed motor (KUUVDD -400), starter PVI -630 MB.

        Scientists of the department are the authors of textbooks, manuals and monographs. Every year members of the department published more than 40 articles and reports. Altogether staff of the Department has published about 700 papers, received 165 copyright certificates, 13 patents in 8 countries, including the United States, England, Germany, one of which entered into a license agreement between the former USSR and the United States, Canada and Japan.